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Moving home can be a logistical nightmare for families, especially when the moving days don’t line up precisely. For that reason, self-storage facilities are a viable storage option for moving, but even these are not always straightforward. Here are some things that you can’t store there. 

Perishable Items 

It might seem like a safe idea to store some perishable items in self-storage for a short time. If you have a load of pet food, for instance, it’s hard to know what to do with it when you don’t have space for it in your temporary accommodation. But storing pet food is not a sensible idea. 


Unless you want to arrive at your self-storage container to find rodent and insect infestations, not to mention damage to your home belongings, you will avoid storing perishable items of any kind. So what can you do with it? If you have a large amount, it might be worth selling it online.   

Any Animals 

Believe it or not, animals have been found in self-storage containers, both live ones and dead ones. Needless to say, it’s against the rules of self-storage units to keep pets for any length of time, but it is also against the law. No animals are allowed to be stored in the self-storage units. 

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If you need somewhere to keep animals while you are away on holiday, or you need to store a pet temporarily while you move home, it’s better to ask a friend for some help or use a kennel or cattery. Dead animals need to be disposed of using a registered waste carrier at a pet cemetery.  

Flammable Substances 

Flammable substances such as gas, paint, petrol, and solvents shouldn’t be stored in self-storage facilities. Flammable substances pose a risk to the belongings in storage and the self-storage facility itself. For that reason, you will have to find alternative storage solutions. 


Some flammable items that you might need to transport from one home to another include bleach, disinfectants, ammonia, fertilisers, paints, and aerosol cans. These items should be left to the end; you should also research a removal firm that can transport these items safely.     

Organic Material 

Some people have plenty of plants to transport, both indoors and outdoors plants, but even if you only have a few of them, you should not store them in a self-storage unit. Not only does a self-storage unit prevent this organic material from surviving, but they also attract some insects.


Chances are, a self-storage solution will not allow you to store plants and organic material, but it’s not in your best interests either. Give your plants to friends and family members for a short time or move and plant them separately. Again, simply wait until the last minute to move plants.   

Firearms and Explosives 

Firearms and explosives need to be stored carefully and within a legal framework. According to the Firearms Rules 1998, firearms need to be stored in a place where people without a permit to use them don’t have access. Of course, this is not the case when it comes to self-storage units. 


Firearms, ammunition, and explosives can be tricky to store and transport. Since you are the one with the permit, you are the best person to store the cargo, so store them correctly and move them personally. Always store guns and ammunition separately and ensure gun safety.

Hazardous Substances 

Any substances that pose a risk to the storage facility itself cannot be stored in the units. Hazardous substances include chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos, propane tanks, and any other substance that is potentially flammable or explosive. 


Any hazardous substances from your home that don’t need to be transported should be disposed of effectively. If you need to transport hazardous substances, you need to use containers for bottles, jars, and trays. You will need to find a special removal firm for moving. 

Wet and Fuming Items 

Items that are wet or fuming cause issues within the storage facility. These items can also affect the rest of the belongings, along with the storage unit itself. Items such as candles, scuba gear, and wet suits can cause mould and mildew in the storage unit and attract insects and rodents. 


The last thing you want to encounter when you open your storage unit are flying insects and scurrying creatures in the unit. If you need to store wet or fuming items in self-storage, make sure they are fully dry and well-contained. A storage unit should permit you to store the items. 

Currency and Deeds 

These days, self-storage units are very secure; they have CCTV, perimeter security, and security personnel to protect belongings in the units. Still, a storage unit is not as secure as a bank when it comes to storing currency and deeds. A bank has a higher level of security. 


It can seem like a convenient option to store currency and deeds with other belongings when you store them for a home move, especially when they are also kept in a safe. However, a self-storage facility doesn’t have the same security protocol as a bank creating a little more risk.   

Vehicle Tyres 

If you have spare wheels to store for your vehicle, you might assume you can store them in the self-storage unit along with other belongings from the garage and household. However, it’s surprising how many self-storage facilities don’t permit tyres to be stored for any length of time. 


Vehicle tyres do not disintegrate easily and can be stored for long periods, but that’s not the point. When tyres are left behind in the storage units, which is often the case, they need to be disposed of correctly. Tyre disposal is expensive for the self-storage unit and isn’t permitted.    

Illegal Items 

Of course, storage facilities do not allow illegal items to be stored in their units. Illicit goods, counterfeit goods, and unsafe goods are all disqualified from the self-storage containers. Illegal items can also be seized by authorities if they are found to be stored in a self-storage unit.  

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