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The Christmas season really is the most wonderful time of the year. But figuring out what to do with household clutter, mountains of gifts, and holiday decorations can put a damper on seasonal fun. From donating unwanted household items to placing presents in Storage  Frankston, find out how a little prep work can make the holidays go more smoothly.

Pre-Holiday Cleanup

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Whether you plan on welcoming friends and relatives to your home, celebrating together via video, or limiting the guest list to immediate family, getting your home holiday-ready is a must. Get the whole family in on the prep work. Make a game of seeing who can finish tidying rooms first; offering a small “prize” to the winner will motivate kids to get rid of as much clutter as possible.

Christmas De-Cluttering

Whipping the house into shape starts with eliminating excess stuff. Almost every home contains dozens of things that haven’t seen the light of day in months or even years. Go through each room and, without thinking too much, grab seldom-used belongings or items that have lost their appeal. Once you’ve amassed a good-sized pile, decide whether each item gets tossed or recycled, donated to a charity shop, or sold. Make an ‘undecided’ stack if necessary.

Self Storage in Frankston

You’ll likely find that many items deserve a place in your life but aren’t used enough to merit a spot in your home. That’s where Storage  Frankston comes in. Place those clunky or infrequently used items in boxes or plastic tubs until you need them again. Leave plenty of space for holiday decorations. You can even hide the kids’ (or nosy adults’) gifts in your storage unit to prevent pre-holiday prying eyes. And if you still need space for Christmas decor after de-cluttering, pack up off-season clothing and other items for temporary storage in your unit.

After the Holidays

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If you’ve been cramming your Christmas tree in the attic, stuffing lights and linens in the garage, or stashing candles and candy dishes in the basement, you’ll appreciate having a dedicated space for your Christmas decorations. These tips will help you organise these and other seasonal items before placing them in Storage Frankston:

  • Place items in clear plastic tubs
  • If using cardboard boxes, label each on the side for easy viewing
  • Cover wreaths and place them in boxes or hang them from a clothing rack
  • Wrap Christmas tree lights around pieces of cardboard to prevent tangling
  • Place your artificial tree in a zippered bag on wheels or wrap tightly in plastic wrap

Knowing how much easier next Christmas will be provides a little extra peace of mind during this busy time. Now, relax and get into the holiday spirit!

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