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Managing Inventory for Online Business

eCommerce markets that are growing at an astounding rate have enabled many of us to turn our dreams into viable businesses and because of that Self Storage for entrepreneurs is becoming a thing. Finally, you have a platform from which to sell your homemade bath bombs or flog those antiques that you’ve been collecting. Even better, with pretty low overheads and a from-home basis, you can become an entrepreneur almost overnight.

The trouble is that, in some ways, online success can feel like a double-edged sword. YES, all of your dreams might be coming true. But, as sales grow, your home is quickly being taken over by stock that’s multiplying faster than rabbits. Worse, you’re long past the point of being able to keep track of it all. 

Our homes and offices simply aren’t equipped to deal with the stock volumes necessary to see real returns. Yet, expensive warehouse storage is likely both out of a budget and way larger than you currently need. 

Luckily, there is a middle ground that provides a more viable solution. Self-storage for entrepreneurs is an affordable, flexible storage solution that could soon solve your problems. Keep on reading to find out how self-storage could benefit your business. 

1. Giving you more headspace

Finding an affordable storage solution that gets your stock out of your hair can free your headspace for all-important business stuff. Finally, you’ll be able to stop worrying about all of those boxes, and instead sit down in a clutter-free space to continue growing your enterprise. 

This is going to have huge benefits to your businesses, including a more positive outlook from you, and a ready-made meeting space as soon as you need it. Talk about a transformation! 

2. Simplifying service

Now, it’s time to get down to the obvious fact that having a self-storage space will significantly simplify your service.

Far from forcing you to turn your entire house over just to take basic inventory, a self-storage space that allows you to clearly layout, label, and oversee your entire stock can make operations way more efficient. Whether you’re handling consumer queries or are simply trying to get things ready for a new shop update, this can result in benefits that include – 

  • Faster outcomes
  • More knowledgeable service
  • Immediate delivery
  • And more

All of these can only serve to increase all-important consumer loyalty, and make your life a whole lot easier, too.

3. Lowering overheads

Even if you’ve been storing stock at home until now, the fact that you’re reading this article suggests that it can’t continue. With that fact established, you really have a choice between commercial warehouse storage or self-storage space. 

Unfortunately, as well as probably being excessive for your needs, commercial warehouses are out of budget for most online businesses. Even if you can stretch to afford it, this kind of storage will eat so far into your profits that your business might not even be viable anymore.

Self-storage units that offer much the same storage capabilities for far less money are a much more sensible option. You also won’t need to worry about things like maintenance or utility fees with this solution, allowing you to drastically reduce overheads without compromise. You can then either use the money you save here to pay yourself at long last or dedicate it to other business requirements like additional office space or much-needed machinery. 

business-storage4. Increasing security

Even a successful online business is unlikely to have a budget that stretches to adequate security coverage. Even if you took the warehouse route, you would need to pay for your own security, and that’s sure to get pricey.

Luckily, security is at the forefront for self-storage facilities that are often handling countless valuable items including computers, vehicles, and beyond. It’s especially worth seeking a self-storage provider that includes benefits such as 24-hour surveillance and keypad access as part of your upfront costs. That way, whether you sell the newest phones on the market or high-end watches for a suave clientele, you can rest assured that your stock will be snug as a bug in a storage unit. 

5. Ensuring scalability

Scalability basically means the ability to grow your business according to demand. It’s a pretty big part of success but, when you’re doing things alone or with a small team, it’s a difficult goal to manage. With limited in-house or in-office storage solutions, you may especially struggle to meet sudden increases in sales during seasonal periods or times when more people start finding you. And, with delays inevitable when that happens, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever reach great business heights.

Never fear, though, because flexible self-storage solutions that include various size options depending on your needs can sort scalability out in no time. Whether you’re prepping for a big promotion and want to invest in more storage upfront, or whether an unexpected influx of orders means you quickly need a bigger space, the right self-storage provider can make it happen. That’s going to result in – 

  1. Happier customers
  2. Yet more sales
  3. Business success at last! 

Online businesses deserve to benefit from self-storage solutions

Starting and maintaining an online business is an amazing thing, and we want to do whatever we can to help you achieve that. That’s why Yuilles Road Self Storage provides easily scalable, always accessible storage solutions to businesses across Victoria, Australia. 

Whether you’re just getting started with your business journey, or are looking to expand an already successful enterprise, we’ll help you to find the right storage for your budget. Even better, after an extensive upgrade, we’re proud to offer the safest and most secure storage sheds that you could need, as well as 24-hour access to keep your business running smoothly.

Invest in the best self-storage for entrepreneurs by getting in touch with our team today!

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