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If you’re a collector, then chances are you’re outgrowing your home if this is where you currently store your belongings. While there are many great benefits that come from being a collector, the items you collect can soon overrun your home and make it feel less like a home and more like a storage unit.

That’s where self-storage units come in. For anyone looking for self-storage, particularly when it comes to collectors, this is an alternative arrangement that can help free up the space you’ve been taking up around your home.

For collectors, this informative article will tell you what self-storage is, the benefits of self-storage and why to use it as a collector.

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What is self-storage?

Self-storage is considered a flexible and affordable way to store personal belongings and an abundance of furniture, paperwork and more. If there’s enough space within the storage unit, you’ll be able to store your belongings away in a safe and secure place.

You can access your unit as often as it’s required, adding and removing items when you need to. Storage units are typically rented by the week but there are some that might be more lengthy and offer monthly subscriptions.

There are different self-storage unit types available. Some of these are made available indoors, others are placed outdoors. You can also get some that are mobile, meaning you can take them with you from one location to the next.


The benefits of using self-storage

What are some of the benefits of using self-storage as opposed to keeping it on your own property? If you’ve been considered a self-storage unit but don’t know if it’s worth the money, then here are some advantages that may sway your decision-making. 

Declutter your home

Being able to declutter your home is a pastime you want to do regularly. It’s incredible just how much clutter we can individually collect on a monthly basis and within a few months you’re property is suddenly overrun by clutter. If you can’t get rid of some of these belongings, then a self-storage unit is helpful to move clutter from the home and to store it off-site.

Safe and secure

With a self-storage unit, you may find that the unit offers a more safe and secure space for your belongings. Even if you’ve got CCTV on your property, it’s not likely protected from break-ins. With a self-storage unit, you’ve got the benefit of around-the-clock security protecting your precious belongings. 

Downsizing for retirement or moving

Depending on your current situation, you may wish to have a self-storage unit for downsizing your property for retirement or when moving homes. It’s a great in-between when you’re in between homes.


How to use self-storage as a collector

If you’re a collector and you’re looking to use self-storage for your own benefit, then there are some useful storage tips worth taking on board. This will help protect your collections and minimise the risk of them being damaged.


Use the units to help take stock of your collections

When it comes to the storage unit, it’s a handy way of getting all of your collections together and taking a proper inventory of the stock itself. When it’s in your home, chances are, it’s scattered all over the place. 

With a storage unit, you’ll be able to get an accurate impression of how much you actually own.


Choose the right kind of self-storage unit

The right kind of self-storage is important to pick because everyone is different. Some collections will also require the right type of temperature and lighting so as to not ruin the collection.

Make sure you’ve scoped out the right one for your collector needs.


Consider which ones to store away and which ones to display

Some collections are suitable for display purposes while others are best suited to be packed away and stored for safe-keeping. Make sure you’ve assessed each item individually to see which ones are to be stored away and which ones you might want to keep on display within your home or within the storage unit itself.


Make sure everything is packed well and labelled carefully

When it comes to your collections, it’s important that you’ve packed everything well with the appropriate materials and labelled them all carefully. When they go into the storage unit, they need to be well protected should anything happen to them – such as a freak storm or fire.

Self-storage is used in many ways and is a great option for when you’re at your wits end with the current storage situation in your home as a collector.


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