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The storage of your valuables needs careful planning and execution. These items may be so dear to you, but you are unable to take them with you either abroad or while undertaking a long trip somewhere. Therefore, your valuables such as art, antique furniture, books and crucial documents will need a new home where they will be safely stored for you. A good consideration is a Storage Frankston facility. You need to do some research on several factors before selecting a storage facility where you can store your valuables.

Check for security to ensure that the Storage Frankston facility has the necessary security features to safeguard your valuables. In addition, pest control is very important. Some valuables such as art and documents may be prone to damage by pests. Therefore, a storage facility should have the necessary precautions against pest attacks on your valuables. Also, your valuable fabric and antique furniture need to be protected from moisture. Therefore, it is important to select a storage facility with weather controlled features that will protect the quality of valuable items. If you have breakable valuables, then it is important to source the right boxes which will ensure the safekeeping of your items.

While it is important to source the right storage facility to store your valuable items, it is also good to know that not all valuables can be stored for longer periods of time. Therefore, you have to sort out your valuable items and group them into those that can be stored for months and those that cannot. Here are a few valuables that are fit for long-term storage.

Fine Art

This is a valuable worth taking great care of. The storage of art requires the absence of any form of moisture which may destroy the quality of the art during storage. When the Storage Frankston facility is in good condition and with adverse weather protective measures, then you can store art for quite a long time without having to worry about its condition.

Valuable Books

Books can be stored for quite a long time. It is important to ensure all the storage safety measures for books are met in order to preserve their great quality during storage. Books should be stored in sealed boxes in order to prevent moisture from affecting the books. Also, they should be stored in an upright position to protect the edges of the books.


These items can be stored for several months when you are away. However, you need to ensure they are of top quality through ample cleaning and drying before storage. For wooden antiques, you can use wood polish to ensure they are of good quality and will remain so for the next few months before you get back.

Valuable Clothing

To ensure that your clothes are stored for long periods of time without deteriorating in quality, ensure that you pack them in airtight boxes or plastic bags. In addition, items like fine wool carpets should be well cleaned and dried before storage.

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