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There’s more to packing your items for storage than just placing them in boxes. You also need to come up with an organisational system for your items, especially if you’re planning to place them back inside your home. Here are several tips on how to organise your items for your Storage Frankston unit.

Tips on Organising Items for Storage

Sort Through Your Items

You can make packing an easier task by lightening the load in advance. This means sorting through your items and getting rid of anything you no longer wish to keep. Of course, you also need to get rid of items that are stained, expired or damaged. Once you lighten the load, you only need to focus on the items you’re placing into your Storage Frankston unit.

Designate Boxes To Rooms

Designating several boxes to each room is a great way to organise your items for your Storage Frankston unit. For example, you may use three boxes for your bedroom essentials and three other boxes for your kitchen supplies. When it’s time to unpack your items, all you need to do is place the boxes into their designated rooms rather than trying to move everything around later.

Label The Boxes By Room

Once you pack the boxes by room, you want to be sure to label them. You can always take a more straightforward approach by labelling the boxes by room. If you would rather be discreet, you can always colour code your boxes. You may use blue for your bathroom essentials because it reminds you of a peaceful spa, and you may use orange for your kitchen supplies because it makes you feel hungry. It may also help to number your boxes for inventory purposes.

Categorise The Boxes In Storage

It never hurts to categorise your boxes as you place them in your Storage Frankston unit. One example is placing the boxes for your living room in one corner and the boxes for your bedroom in the opposite corner to avoid mixing up the throw pillows and blankets. This way, it’s easier to go through your boxes if you need to retrieve an item. It’s also easier to load and unload your boxes when it’s time to move your belongings back into your home.

Invest In Shelving Units

You can keep your boxes and bins organised by investing in shelves for your storage unit. There are plenty of online and offline retailers that carry sturdy shelving units for your boxes. You can even find heavy-duty racks designed for plastic storage bins. When you invest in shelving units, you can organise your items without worrying about any of your boxes becoming damaged.

Make A List Of Your Inventory

There’s nothing like a list to keep your items organised, and a list of your storage inventory is no exception. You want to create a master list of everything you’re placing into storage. Your list should include each box by label and number and a list of the contents inside each box. It’s easier to keep track of what you’re packing into storage, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing or mixing up any of your items.

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