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One of the main reasons self storage units are on the rise is that more and more people prefer storing their valuables in these self storage units. The space that people need to keep their valuables are getting tighter, which is why more and more people are opting to store in a self storage facility. If you are curious about why self storage units are on the rise, the information below will give you a glimpse of why.

Why People Are Opting To Use Self Storage Units

People Are Decluttering

One reason why self-storage units are rising is that more people are decluttering their homes. This is true in urban areas, wherein the majority of people are living in condominiums and apartments. Homes like these are smaller than usual, people who accumulate more objects need to get rid of their older items, thus using self storage units. There is not enough space in every home to keep everything that people are acquiring, which is why self storage units are on the rise.

Great Office Space Alternative

You might not think of it, but self storage units are becoming a great alternative office space. Businesses who find a traditional office space expensive or the ones who are just starting a new business often opt for a self storage unit space because it is cheaper. One of the best reasons businesses prefers self storage units is their built-in security measures.

Businesses are also using self storage units to free up spaces in their warehouses and offices, as they can store important business documents and inventory.

Perfect For Multiple Storage Needs

Another reason why self storage units are on the rise is that they are always perfect for multiple storage needs. People who go through different situations, including home renovations, living transitions, move outs, and travellers, choose to temporarily rent self storage units to store their valuables. It is becoming a lifesaver for both households and businesses because of the usefulness that extends during the process of freeing up space and decluttering.

Location and Accessibility

Self storage units are popular because they are accessible to almost everyone. It gives you the freedom to access your storage unit at anytime, given that the facility is open 24/7. They are all designed not only to bring convenience, but also to every accessibility need that you may have. Usually, these self storage units are located in places that are near businesses and household which means that won’t have any problems in choosing on where to store your valuables when needed.

Storage Options and Other Features

Self storage units come in different sizes, which means that you will be able to choose the size of unit that you need for your valuables. If you are unsure on the size that you need to get, you can always inquire with the self storage facility on their size guide to assist you in knowing the size specifications of the self storage unit that you need. The size will always depend on the items that you are going to store. So always keep in mind to list down the items you will be storing to get an idea of the self-storage size you will need.

The security features that self storage units offer are also outstanding. This is because it provides a 24/7 security system, while there are some units where you are given your own set of keys and lock to ensure that only you will have access to the self storage unit.

Another feature that self storage units offer is some units with climate-controlled features. This type of unit is perfect if you are going to store furniture and other valuables that can get damaged due to high humidity. Typically, a climate-controlled storage unit is more expensive compared to the traditional self storage unit but is worth it of course to protect your valuables from damages and such.


These are just a few of the reasons why self storage units are on the rise. Whether you need to create more space in your home or office, renting a self storage unit is always a great solution to this kind of problem.

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