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If you’re someone who is looking at education and study opportunities abroad right now, you’re not alone. There are some great places to study beyond just what’s available in Australia. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to study in a new place that may allow them more than just the knowledge and skills gained through qualifications?

By travelling to a new country or destination abroad for your studies, you benefit from plenty of life experiences that perhaps you wouldn’t have gotten with studying here in Australia. There are plenty of places to explore as a study option abroad. This guide will help you get the most out of your studies if you’re looking to go abroad this year.

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The benefits of studying abroad

So what are the benefits of studying abroad? What makes the big move over to a new country, such an appealing option? There are plenty of benefits that you get beyond just the studying itself. Here are some of the advantages to consider if you’re looking to study abroad this year.


You’ll get to see the world

When studying abroad, you get to see the world. Some courses may offer a full three-year course at the destination itself and others may also offer a chance to study in multiple places around the country or even around the world in some cases.

With the option of studying abroad, you get to see a new part of the world that has never been seen before by yourself. You not only get a learning opportunity but a chance to explore and make new life experiences in this new place.

You may end up learning a new language

Studying abroad often means you’ll be in a country where your native language isn’t the primary language used. That does mean that you may need to be willing to learn a new language and that in itself can be a challenge. However, it’s an opportunity that will ultimately make you multi-lingual, a skill that’s definitely useful to have.

By being integrated into the community of the country, you’ll likely learn the language a lot quicker as a result.

It could open up more possibilities in your career path

With studying abroad, it may be considered more attractive to some recruiters who are looking for those reputable training institutes. For those who manage to learn another language, that could provide additional benefits and open doors in your career path that you never considered prior to living and studying in the country.


A great option for personal development

Finally, studying abroad offers some great personal development opportunities. From learning to live alone to gain all the skills a person would need to be a well-rounded adult. From cooking to cleaning and learning how to manage their money.


Using self-storage while studying abroad

While you’re away studying, it’s important to make sure all of your belongings are being looked after. After all, when it comes to studying aboard, you can’t take everything with you. That’s why it’s worth looking at self-storage options. Self-storage units are great to keep your belongings locked away, safe and sound. 

Not everyone may have the luxury of being able to hold onto their belongings at their parent’s home or continue renting and studying at the same time. Self-storage is an affordable and secure way of making sure to keep your belongings under care while studying.


4 popular study-abroad destinations

There are many great spots for studying abroad, so we’ve picked out a handful that will get you started in your search, for the best location. 

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Spain is considered one of the best places to study because their language is considered one of

the main languages used across many countries whether that’s in Spain or beyond. 

The country itself offers a great opportunity to learn about the history of the country, the cultural sites and many sporting attractions for those who love sports in general.

As a country for learning, it offers plenty of courses whether it be business, finance or marketing. It attracts a lot of diversity from near and far. It’s certainly one that will provide a great atmosphere and learning environment for students who choose to study here.


When it comes to hospitality and a warm welcome for tourists, Japan seems to be at the top of the list. It’s considered one of the safer places for students to travel to and study, as well as offering a variety of cultural experiences.

As a technology-driven country, you’ll likely see many newer and updated innovations that you wouldn’t get here in Australia as often. For its courses, it offers the finest in STEM and education programs from around the world.

With high-speed and convenient modes of transport available, not to mention its delicious and unique culinary delights, there’s not much that will deter anyone from studying here.



Sweden is a popular spot for studying and the lifestyle of the country oozes sustainable living. As someone who might be interested in reducing their carbon footprint, it might be worth taking a course at one of the many universities in this country.

The high standard of living and commitment to combating environmental issues isn’t the only sway. It’s a beautiful country with a lot of wonderful scenic views that would have you wishing you could live there permanently. It’s another great, safe space for students, particularly those studying from overseas.



Canada is renowned for being a great place to study and it’s considered one of the best places to live on earth. There are plenty of international students who’d agree and already study in this part of the world.

The country has a rich culture and history that also makes for a fantastic place to visit. With Canada also being an English-speaking country, it’s easier for many who want a course to study on and a place to live with little to no language barrier.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to make the most of your time in education by studying abroad in 2023 and beyond.

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