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Painting a room is a great way not only to add colour and personality to your living room, but it can help you create the feel of a room and even make it feel like a larger or smaller space. If you are redecorating your living room space to make it feel more spacious, new paint colour is a great place to start. There are several colours to choose from to make it appear bigger and tips on decluttering and moving items to Yuilles Road Storage Frankston.

Pure White

A clean, pure white paint color is the top choice to help make a room feel bigger in most cases. Light colors make light-filled rooms feel larger, so white with a satin finish will help fill the room with more light and create space. Open up the room further by moving unnecessary pieces out and into a unit at storage Frankston.

Matte Black

Matte Black Wall

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On the other end of the colour spectrum, a dusty or matte black can open up a room that only has a limited amount of light entering it. North facing rooms with enough light to create a cosy feel is perfect when you choose the right pieces and get the decor spot on.

Soft Flesh Tones

Light flesh tones or super-soft shades of pink not only make a room feel bigger, but add a touch of personality and provide an instant mood boost. This paint tone on your walls can make the most significant impact visually during sunset and sunrise when the light plays with natural tones in your living room. Furniture with natural wood elements and luxury, textured fabrics add the perfect touch when you choose this paint option.

Gray Paint Tones

Light and cool grey tones can really create space in a living room while still giving the walls more life than a black or white palette would. Like white, though, you want to minimize the amount of furniture and clutter you fill a room with. This is an excellent opportunity to declutter and move some items to storage at a facility like Yuilles Road Storage Frankston.

Greige Paint

Greige Paint wall

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Greige, or taupe, has been a favourite paint colour of designers for a while now because it is neutral yet has an impact on the suitable space. Like white, it is able to move the light around a room, but it is also warm and keeps a room from feeling sterile. Use this color paint to add a touch of elegance to a room that you want to stay simple but still add a lot of character to. Details are what make greige work, so curated design pieces, stark white trim, and white furniture help make a difference.

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