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Your home has limited storage space, and cluttering it with things you treasure but seldom use isn’t a good use of it. Properly packing and storing your fragile items at a Frankston Storage center frees up your cabinets and shelves for the things you use every day or week. You’re less likely to break fragile items when they’re not in your way. These tips ensure that your fragile belongings, treasured items and family heirlooms will be stored properly in your Frankston Storage unit.



Whether you have a large, 10-piece place setting of china or you inherited a family member’s set, it’s important to store it properly. Most people only use these fancy dishes once or twice each year, so the collection is a good candidate for taking to the storage unit. China dishes and serving pieces cannot withstand impacts or pressure, so it must be stored properly in order to protect it. Purchase specialty dish boxes for storing the china at the Frankston Storage center. Use bubble wrap, clean cotton towels or foam dividers between each dish. Avoid stacking pieces on top of each other within the box.


Glassware and vases

The rims, stems and handles of glassware and vases are the most vulnerable parts. Store these items upright, except for stemware. Those items should be stored upside-down. Use boxes or plastic bins with dividers. Make sure that the pieces of glassware don’t touch each other. Pack paper or cotton towels around each piece of glassware within the divided sections. Wrap plastic bubble wrap around the stems of the stemware. Be sure to choose a climate-controlled Frankston Storage unit. Extreme heat or cold could cause glassware to shatter.



Glass, ceramic, crystal or porcelain figurines should be packed like glassware. If the pieces have a hand-painted finish, it’s important to choose a climate-controlled Frankston Storage unit. Extreme temperatures or humidity could mar the finish on these decorative items. Make sure that figurines are protected from direct sunlight, which could fade their glazes. Avoid stacking boxes that contain china, glassware or figurines. These boxes are heavy, and boxes underneath could be crushed.


Linens and fabrics

Linens and fabrics may also be fragile, especially if they’re old. If you still have the christening gown and cap or bonnet from your first year of life or you own your grandmother’s wedding dress, these items deserve special protection. You’ll need to ensure that they’re free of moth or beetle larvae before packing them. Wrap them in acid-free tissue paper. Avoid touching them with your hands. The oils on your skin could leave stains. High heat and humidity damage fragile linens and fabrics, so choose a climate-controlled Frankston Storage unit.


Papers, photos and books

Papers, photos and books are made of organic materials. These materials break down if exposed to moisture, extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. Pests could also damage these materials. Pack them in plastic bins that resist moisture and block light. Seal the bins so that pests can’t get inside of them.

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