What to Use Your Frankston Storage Unit for This Summer

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The warm summer season is coming up. That means that soon the weather will be just right for getting home repairs and cleaning tasks done that couldn’t be accomplished in the fall and winter months. And one great way to start working on a to-do list like this is by first renting a Frankston Storage unit. These units are really helpful because they can hold all of the extra seasonal stuff that you only use for a short time during the year. Some of the best ways to use a Frankston Storage unit include:


Hide all the holiday decorations

Most people have several boxes of holiday decorations that they only use for the month that each of the holidays take place. The decorations usually get stuffed into attics and garages where they are not easily accessible though. So, instead of searching for them when it is time, most people end up buying new ones, which just makes the situation worse. Storage units help eliminate this problem because they have large areas where the decorations can be placed in labelled bins that are neatly stacked along the walls. That way, you can go right to them without any hassle.


Stash winter clothing

If your closet space is limited, it just makes sense to try to conserve as much of it as possible by taking out the bulkiest items, such as big sweaters and winter coats. But before you head to the storage unit with it all, give each family member their own bin with their name written on it. Then, have them fill it up with things that they won’t need to wear until the chilly weather starts again. This saves a ton of time because you won’t have to sort through a pile of clothing to find things later on when you go get them.


Keep your valuable, but unneeded, furniture handy

Sometimes, people inherit furniture from their loved ones or friends, but they don’t really need it because they already have enough couches, beds, and dining room chairs. Instead of throwing the stuff away, they can always keep it in a Frankston Storage unit, so it can be passed on to their children or grandchildren when they are old enough.


Hold on to extra household items

Blankets, small appliances, toys, and other household items can be kept in storage units too. Grandparents who only get to see their grandchildren during certain times of the year most often appreciate this because they can go get the extra items as soon as they know that they are going to get visitors. This type of storage is also helpful for college students who need to keep the household items somewhere over the summer until they return to school in the fall. That way, they don’t have to keep buying new things each year.

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