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Moving to a new community is exciting. Even short-distance moves such as ones from Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula give you opportunities to meet interesting people and soak up the culture of new neighbourhoods. It’s the thought of physically moving all of your things that kills the fun factor. Here are five pieces of advice that will make your life easier during a move.


Get organised with technology

Need help getting organised for a move? Don’t worry. There’s an app for that. Mobile applications such as Moving Van help you to inventory your entire collection of household goods and associate individual items with labelled boxes. Label your boxes according to your various rooms, and you’re done. When it’s time to unpack, you can use the tool’s search function to find any item that was unloaded from your moving van.


Take pictures of important items

The Moving Van app allows you to photograph your household goods before boxing them away to assist you with organisation. Even if you don’t use a software application for your move, it’s a wise idea to photograph valuable items right before your moving company loads them into your truck. Most professional moving companies carry insurance. If your treasures get damaged or stolen by the movers, pictures of the items will help you to collect the insurance money that you’ll need to replace those things or get them fixed.


Set aside important items

While you’re organising boxes for your move, it’s best to set aside a box or suitcase to hold some of your essential personal items and important documents. After your movers have unloaded your things at your destination, you don’t want the stress of hunting through dozens of boxes for changes of clothes or your toothbrush. You also want to keep important paperwork such as family birth certificates, social security cards, house deeds, and car titles in your possession or in a safe place throughout your move. It’s hard to replace those documents if they are lost or stolen during your move.


Rent a Storage unit

Professional organisers encourage movers to get rid of unwanted or unused items rather than taking the stuff to a new dwelling. You can get rid of those items by selling, donating, or tossing them into the rubbish bin. If you have a lot of gently used items that you want to sell or donate in Frankston, you could save yourself some stress by renting a Storage unit in the city. With a Franklin Storage unit, you don’t have to rush to sell your items to the lowest bidder before you move. A Storage unit in Franklin is also a great place to stash those important documents instead of carrying them around with you during your move. If you are moving abroad, consider also renting a Self Storage Unit in the country you are relocating to, to make your international move as smooth as possible.


Schedule a free donation pick-up

You’re moving, but the experience doesn’t have to be all about you. Your gently used, unwanted household items can give a leg up to the working poor in your community. Some charitable organisations help low-income families to furnish their apartments with used goods as they move into transitional housing after being homeless. Young people who age out of Australia’s foster care programmes also benefit from these charities. If you want to donate your unwanted items to a charity, schedule an appointment with one that offers free pickup from your home or Frankston Storage unit. Your moving truck will be a little lighter, but your heart will be full.

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