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Decluttering your wardrobe is a great idea any time of the year. Not only do you make more space in your closet, you can actually see what you have in your wardrobe of clothing! So, the question becomes: Where do you put clothing items you want out of your closet, but still want to keep? One answer is to take advantage of Yuilles Road Storage Mornington Peninsula. Discover some ways you can use self-storage to help with this decluttering project.

Formal Clothing Items

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Do you have a tuxedo or formal gown in your closet? If so, you know these items can be especially bulky because they’re usually kept in a garment bag. Taking these items out of your closet and putting them into Storage Mornington Peninsula can make more space and give you peace of mind that they’ll be secure in your own self-storage unit.

Seasonal Wardrobe Items

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If you have a full wardrobe of winter clothing and summer clothing items in your closet, then you’re likely pressed for space. Putting clothing items from the past season into self-storage gives your closet a healthy dose of fresh space and organisation. When the season is due to change, you simply travel to your Storage Mornington Peninsula to exchange one collection of seasonal clothing for another. Also, this gives you the opportunity to reassess your wardrobe.

Items You Want to Give Away

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Oftentimes, decluttering your wardrobe includes putting aside items you want to give away. It’s a smart idea to accumulate several pieces of clothing and pairs of shoes before taking them to a clothing store or facility that helps people in need. As you accumulate a supply of clothing to give away, you can keep those items in your self-storage unit. That way, they aren’t taking up space in your wardrobe and they’ll be clean and ready to go when you want to take a trip out to donate them.

Items You Want to Sell

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Along with finding items you want to give away you are likely to find some clothing items in your wardrobe you’d like to sell. In short, there’s no law that says decluttering can’t make you some money! As you find items you’d like to sell, put them in Storage Mornington Peninsula so they’re in excellent condition for their next owner.

Clothing Items You May Use Again

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As you declutter your closet, you may look up on the shelves to see piles of folded baby clothing or clothing items for toddlers. Your children have grown out of those clothes, but you may not be done adding to your family. Or, if your family is complete, you may want to give the clothing items to a friend or relative who’s trying to have a child. One way to keep those clothing items in great shape is to put them in your self-storage unit. So, when they’re needed again, they’re clean, folded and ready to wear!

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