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There are so many great trips that you can do around Victoria with your van, some of those trips are;

Yarra Valley, it’s one of the great places to take a road trip with your van. You will experience a windy road trip due to the beautiful green forest surrounding the whole place Yarra valley have a great restaurant where you will enjoy your delicious food with a glass of wine. The cafes in the Yarra village are breathtaking in that they will just tempt you to try out their dish.



This will also your perfect place to go on a road trip with your van. It’s a truly beautiful place with the green forest which is surrounded by hills. You have a great view especially of the beach that is white as snow. Gippsland is located in the southeast of Australia.


the grampians

You will find a whole package on this road trip, if you are a fan of photography then this is the best place for you. It is surrounded by mountains, you will be able to come across several wild animals and even experience the great rock arts. You will have a moment to view the whole area from some of the viewpoints you will find there. You will not regret going to the Grampians.


great ocean road

It is a few kilometers from the state, this is also another place you cannot manage to forget because you will want to capture every experience you have there. You will come across a historical site that was built in memory of the people who were killed in the war. You will also experience rainforest and waterfalls from many views that are around the place.



This is a great place to go on a road trip if you want to have an experience of great things in life. They are villages that have a history that you go around and visit and just sit around the place and have a test of good and their well-prepared wine. 

Sometimes you might not be on a road trip and you need to store your van and your camping gear in a safe place. There are great places you can hire one of the being Storage Frankston. Storage Frankston is a company that offers storage services. They provide both small and large spaces to store your van and even your camping gear. Storage Frankston is organized in that when taking your items they will be easily accessible. They make sure your items are well secure and even provide insurance for the stored items. 

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