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Autumn is one of the seasons that is associated the most with Halloween and harvest. The season is also known as fall, and it can be distinguished because of the falling dried leaves from the trees. The leaves that fall contributes to the orange color seen in landscapes during this season.

Despite the cooler breeze and dropping temperatures during the autumn, there are still people who wanted to use the time to tend their garden. Autumn can still be a great season to plant, and there are tips and methods that the people are required to do for them to have a successful autumn planting season.

If you wanted to do garden work during the autumn, you need to prepare all of the things that will be needed for this activity. You might have worked with a storage services facility where your gardening items are stored, like the Mount Martha Storage, so be sure to call these firms and see where you gardening items are.

If you are ready to go, then proceed with the following steps that you should follow if you wanted to become a pro when it comes to tending a garden.


Preparing the garden soil

This will be the first thing that you wanted to do if you want to tend the garden during the autumn months. Because the temperature begins to drop during this season, it will be the best time to secure a good soil where the plants will grow. There are three major types of soil – clay, loam, and sand – and make sure that the soil you will be getting would be compatible with the plants. Most plant would never want to be planted on a sandy or clay soil because these types of soil either uses very few water or the opposite which can drown the plants.

You also need to consider the nutrients that are found inside the soil that you are using. If you are unsure, try to check with a professional if the soil is ok.


Using manure as fertilizers

Once it has been established that the soil ok for planting, the next step would be planting more crops that benefits from manure – a term that means animal waste. For most farms around the world, animal manure is a great fertilizer. It is natural, and there are no harmful substances mixed with it. You also need to check the internet and see which plants would grow better with animal manure. These green plants would grow better if they will be given access to the manure left by the animals.

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Improving the soil by using compost

Once you have secured the soil where you will be starting your garden, you need to look for decaying food waste and use them as a compost. Many materials can be thrown at the compost, but make sure that it is biodegradable. One of the most popular items to be placed on a compost would be food scraps like fruit and vegetable skin. Dried leaves would also work best in these types of composts. After the compost have been set up, try to fill it with loam.

The loam is responsible for providing a different reaction to the growth of the plant. They will grow better because of how they are raised, and depending on the number of worms put into the soil, the compost can be used after a week. These worms are good in turning the biodegradable materials into a healthy soil.


Order of planting crops

When you are planting your crops, make sure that you will plant first those which will grow slower. This means that the crops requiring months before they can fully mature can be grown earlier, and when it is autumn, they can be harvested. These harvested crops can also be sent to companies that provide storage services like the Mount Martha Storage for safekeeping.


When the weather cools, sow vegetables with larger seeds

This is a great way on how you can harvest more crops after the winter season. This practice has been around for ages, and people are still doing it because of the credible result of the practice. Make sure that you are sowing the vegetables with huge seeds once the temperature drops, because doing it in the summer would just kill off your vegetables.

The vegetables can grow fast because of the nutrients that are found in the soil, and for you to be able to keep most of the food, try working with Mount Martha Storage and they will keep the food and the harvests without any worries.

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