6 Storage Hacks Only The Pros Know

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6 Storage Hacks Only The Pros Know

In the words of the great Lex Luthor, “You can print money, manufacture diamonds, and people are a dime a dozen, but people will always need land.” And less land for everyone means less space for storage. But here we cover storage hacks used by the pros you can try at home:

  • Why You Need More Storage
  • Storage Hacks Used by the Pros
    • Use the Space Under and Inside Things
    • Put Up Shelving Where Appropriate
    • Add Hooks to the Backs of Doors
    • Put Trash and Recycling Bins in a Cupboard
    • Use Excess Space on Walls
    • Hang Stuff with Magnets and Hooks

The Services We Offer

You can try various methods of finding extra storage space around your home. But eventually, you need somewhere safe for your most valuable personal or business possessions. While these hacks are handy, self-storage is a reliable way of freeing up space at home.

Man with packing boxesWhy You Need More Storage

Whether it’s due to available usable land running out or just new ways of designing residential areas, home sizes are shrinking. At the same time, house prices are higher than ever. For you, this means you could be paying over the odds for a home with less space for your modern conveniences. Modern homes typically have many possessions. The average home typically holds over 100,000 items. Many of which are expensive or sentimental. But space can begin to run out when you grow your family, renovate or need to work from home because of COVID-19.

Storage Hacks Used by the Pros

Luckily there are many ways you can protect your valuables and make the most of available space. Self storage is a reliable and secure way of ensuring your stuff doesn’t get damaged or stolen while you make space in your home. But there are also many ways you can better use space across your home. If you look around your house, you will see there is a lot of wasted space and usable areas. Above the door frames, under the seats and in-between nooks and walls. Space is everywhere. Here are some pro hacks for the better use of space.

Use the Space Under and Inside Things

Space is above, around and especially below us. You can use all of this space to store pretty much everything. For example, if your bed has a heightened frame, there is tons of usable storage space underneath. And if it has drawers, make sure you use them for pillows and bedsheets. And the same goes for your furniture. There is usually plenty of space for storing small items underneath chairs and sofas. For instance, if you have TV dinner trays, slide them under the couch for when you need to pull them out. Or put your kids’ toys under their beds.

Put Up Shelving Where Appropriate

Shelving is a Godsend when it comes to using space. Not only does shelving allow you to stick it to gravity, but it makes previously unused space more functional. For example, if you have a small kitchen and your cupboards and counters are full, shelving for spices and pantry items helps you store the things you need in the space you most use them. Additionally, almost all of your wall space is sitting there empty in your living room. You can use that space for shelving and fill the shelves with your favourite books, movies, video games or music collections. 

Add Hooks to the Backs of Doors

Like empty wall space, there is tons of space on the back of your doors. Hooks, like shelving, allow you to place things in useful places for convenience. The bathroom is a great place to use hooks effectively since you are pretty vulnerable in there. Just think how handy it would be if you could grab your bathrobe when you need it, rather than running halfway across the house wet and in your birthday suit! But hooks aren’t only useful in the bathroom. You can use them for hanging up things you don’t want in the house, like the dog’s leads or wet coats in the hallway.

Put Trash and Recycling Bins in a Cupboard

If you have ever lived in a small house or apartment, you know how trash can quickly pile up. And with today’s emphasis on sorting and recycling, we don’t just have one bin anymore. A standard home can have up to three containers for different types of garbage. But where on Earth do you store so much rubbish? You might not have noticed, but many kitchen areas have a massive cupboard under or next to the sink. You can use this space for your rubbish bins. This way, they are stored out of the way rather than taking up valuable space in your house.

Use Excess Space on Walls

As mentioned, you can use shelving for storing almost anything that isn’t too heavy. But there is also tons of space on every wall in your house. Apart from the most avid art collectors, much of this is probably usable. Wall storage is easy. You can put up pegboards for holding various items, notice boards for pinning menus or important memos (freeing up your drawers) or racks for holding stuff like magazines. Additionally, you can use the space between the door frames and the ceilings for smaller decorative items that might otherwise be considered clutter.

Hang Stuff with Magnets

Hooks are great but can stick out. And they are limited in what they can hold. Therefore, magnets are sometimes a better option. Of course, magnets are helpful for storing metallic items. Which is why magnetic knife racks are particularly useful in the kitchen. The number one cause of a dangerously blunt knife is knocking against other knives in the drawer. Plus, you don’t want to be rooting for a knife in case you cut yourself. And you also need certain utensils within reach when cooking or preparing meals. Utensils that take up a lot of drawer space.

The Services We Offer

You can maximize storage in your home with some clever use of available space on the walls, floors, and everywhere. Yet there will always be a need for safe and secure storage units for extra valuables you simply can’t throw away. Mornington Self Storage is the number one storage provider on the peninsula, with facilities for commercial and personal customers.

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