5 Activities to do on the Mornington Peninsula

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The Mornington Peninsula is one of the loveliest areas of Australia. For those who are planning to put items in Storage Mornington Peninsula and head off on adventure, the entire area offers a chance for lots of fun things for people of all age groups.

Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens

Ashcombe Maze

The gardens are one of the many joys of living in this area or visiting it. People can explore this marvelous maze. Now is the time to get out your most comfortable shoes from Storage Mornington Peninsula and take a walk around. The maze is a chance to expand your horizons and enjoy the feel of being outdoors. Those who love color can also take the opportunity see the lavender gardens in person. These lush gardens look great and smell even better. When you are done walking around them, you can hit the gift shop. They have plenty of lavender things to bring home with you.

Paringa Estate Winery

the entrance to paringa estate

Wine lovers have much to adore in this part of the world. This is one of great wine growing parts of the country. Many wineries dot the landscape. One of the best known is the Paringa Estate. The winery has many types of wines on hand to sample. This is a good chance for the grownups to have some time for themselves. People can tour the lovely grounds. Then, they can sit back and have a few glasses of wine as well as a nice meal in the winery’s onsite restaurant.

McClelland Sculpture Park

McClelland Sculpture Park

Art lovers have much to see in the Mornington Peninsula. This park showcases some of the best of Australian art. Get your favorite photography items out of Storage Mornington Peninsula and head right here. The park has dozens of sculptures to admire. These are left outdoors, making it easy for people to get close to them and see what they are like in a natural setting. Visitors are encouraged to touch these sculptures and bring their families with them to learn about contemporary Australian sculpture.

Peninsula Hot Springs

hot springs in australia

Relaxing in hot water is one way to enjoy the outdoors. The Mornington Peninsula has lots of places where people can dip their toes. Natural hot springs are right for weekend getaway with friends and family or for a day of escape. The springs are only an hour away from Melbourne. That makes them easy for residents of Melbourne to find the kind of luxurious soothing they need a close drive away.

Morington Peninsula National Park

One of the greatest glories of Australia, the national park offers endless things to do. Visitors who are in the mood to spend a lot of time walking in the outdoors can head to the Two Bays Trail. This large trail offers an incredible chance to see the entire area in a single, sweeping trail. There are lots of places to rest along the way. That makes it perfect for anyone looking to get to know this beautiful area on foot.

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