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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. People come to bedroom to relax, take a nap, write notes, admire the view, snuggle with loved one and other types of tasks. If you’re in the middle of having a new constructed, you’ll want to be aware of current interior design trends. Specifics such as ample Dromana Storage, the use of varied types of textures, relaxing canopy beds and adding multiple layers can bring in personality and make the bedroom even more appealing.


Different textures

Texture has assumed an even more important role in today’s bedroom design. Designers are increasingly showing different kinds of textures. They’re putting wool blankets on the bed and showing off silk chairs that bring in wonderful, upscale luxury. Texture can be brought into the bedroom in lots of other different ways. Think about the choice of artwork. A piece of embroidery made by hand can be set on top of the walls. Use thick velvet curtains. They’ll help keep out noise at night while also bringing in that desirable upscale feel that so many homeowners cherish.


Knitted bedding

Knitting has become more fashionable than ever before. People love to spend hours knitting beautifully handcrafted things for friends and family. Designers are using this with designs of their own for the bedroom. Large scale knits are a wonderful way to make a statement in any room. If you do knitting, now is the time to add your own personalized touch. Make your own blankets and throws. Use them at the foot of the bedding to add a truly homemade touch. Look for wool that has lots of texture to it so it will stand out even further. When the weather gets warmer, store your important handmade items with Dromana Storage to protect them.


Multiple rugs

Rugs have long been used to add additional texture, color and lots of drama to the home. Those who love rugs are piling them on even more today. You can do the same in your own home. Bring in lots of different types of rugs. Designers are using one rug as a base. For example, sisal rugs durable and easy to keep clean. Place other rugs on top of the sisal for more interest. For example, cowhide rugs are quite popular today. They come in many varied color and patterns. You can bring one home and place it atop different rugs. Rugs pile on top of other rugs also gives you unique look that lets you bring in all sorts of different colors. Switch up the look now and then. Store your extra rugs with Dromana Storage when they are not in use at home.

Restful canopy beds

Canopy beds are back in a big way. You can bring them home and have sweet dreams. Today’s fashionable designers are rethinking the canopy bed and creating new versions. They’re mixing and matching heavy and light fabrics in the same spaces. Start with a layer of gauzy fabric such as tulle. Top with a fabric that has more heft such as satin and let drape down the sides. The ideal is one that mixes a romantic look with one that’s also contemporary and bold.


Varied furniture choices

Classic sets are fine but many people are finding them bland. Instead, they’re opting for a wide variety of patterns and styles in the same room. Look for pieces that have merit on their own. If you see a lovely chair that has plenty of style but doesn’t quite go with your existing decor, don’t be afraid to bring it home and use it in your bedroom. Good pieces will stand on their own and always look fabulous. If you want to help them look cohesive, use the same color in different hues.

Window seats

Window seats let people look at the bedroom and the outdoors. They’re ideal for people who love to read. Window seats can be created in any bedroom if you don’t have one already. Hire a carpenter to come to your home and begin the process. They can take one section of the room, add in a comfortable bench and let you have hours of relaxation looking out the windows. Bring in a few cushions on top of the window seat so you can lead back and put your feet up. You’ll have a space that can make your bedroom into even more of an ideal retreat.

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