Depending on what you keep in your Self Storage unit, it can become hot property when you die. To find out who benefits when you take up storage in the big unit in the sky we have sketched a few probable scenarios. Laws can vary from state to state so please do not consider this blog as legal advice.

Scenario 1: You die and nobody ever knows you had rented a Self Storage unit.

Eventually payments for the unit will stop. When payment stops the Self Storage company will try to contact the customer. If you are deceased that may off course be a challenge. If after the time specified in your contract has elapsed the company may auction the contents of your unit to defray costs.  Laws vary from state to state but usually there will be some sort public notice after which your goods will be sold. Unless your heirs pay the outstanding fees the auction will go ahead. If you paid upfront and your heirs remove your goods before the end of the contract the Self Storage company may refund your heirs for the unused rental.

Scenario 2: You die but your next of kin know you had storage unit but don’t have access to the unit.

Your heirs must contact Yuilles Road Self Storage, prove you are dead and ask for access to the unit. Once they gain access they can continue to rent the unit or collect and dispose of the goods inside. As with scenario one, all outstanding fees will have to be settled before access is granted.

Scenario 3: You die but your next of kin know you had storage unit and have access to the unit.

Your next of kin simply go to the unit and remove its contents.  It is perfectly legal. They have to inform the Yuilles Road Self Storage team of the situation so that the contract can be terminated or transferred to another person. All outstanding fees will off course need to be paid.

If you are storing with Yuilles Road Self Storage in Mornington, then we are always happy to work with the families of storers, but we must make it clear that nobody will be granted access to another person’s Self Storage unit without presenting a death certificate and or a court document.

At Yuilles Road Self Storage, we take your privacy and property very seriously, and we look after our customers on the Mornington Peninsula.

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