The home you own is most likely your most valuable asset. It takes many years of savings to be able to purchase a house, so it’s important you continue to keep your home in the best condition so it retains its top value. Whether you’re thinking about selling or you just want to maximise your investment, these four tips will help increase the value of your home. Using Self Storage in Mornington from Yuilles Road Self Storage is of particular importance for tip number three: decluttering.

Invest in cosmetic upgrades

Cosmetic upgrades can be quite easy and affordable to implement. A few small cosmetic upgrades can dramatically increase the value of your home. Redoing the flooring or giving your house a fresh coat of paint could make a huge impact, as well as other minor upgrades to things like window treatments and lighting. Even doing something as simple as changing out your throw pillows can improve your home’s value.

Give it some curb appeal

Those cosmetic upgrades shouldn’t be limited to your home’s interiors. People judge the value of your home when they immediately arrive outside, so don’t neglect the importance of curb appeal. Improving your curb appeal is even easier than improving your interiors. Mow the lawn, clean out the overgrown shrubs, trim back the trees, and consider planting some bright flowers. There are plenty of ways to add value through your exteriors: create an outdoor dining area, invest in some pretty landscaping, or even build in an underground pool.

Declutter with Self Storage in Mornington

When your possessions are making your home feel too cramped, the value of your home lowers. Decluttering your entire house can be a long, drawn out process, but investing the time needed will have significant benefits. Not only will a minimally staged home help increase its value, but you’ll be less stressed and you’ll have more room to live in your home.

When you’re decluttering, start with the storage spaces: drawers, shelves, and cupboards. Also take a look at all your furniture and determine if there are pieces you simply don’t use. Some of these items can be donated, but you might like to keep some for when your children move out or as spares if your current items break. In these instances, Self Storage in Mornington is a great storage solution. With Self Storage in Mornington, you can keep your belongings safe without having it all in your house.

Finish repair projects

There’s always a few little things that need to be repaired inside a home, no matter how old it is. There might be a squeaky stair, a cracked window, or a broken door handle. In your day to day life, these little issues don’t cause you too much trouble; however, they can all add up to potential buyers and significantly decrease the value of your home. Spending a weekend tackling these small repair projects can make your home more attractive, more functional, and more valuable.

These four tips aren’t an exclusive list of ways you can increase the value of your home, but it’s a great starting point. If your home’s biggest problem is the amount of clutter, contact the expert staff at Yuilles Road Self Storage to learn more about your Self Storage in Mornington options.

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