Sometimes, your child’s bedroom can easily appear as though a tornado has ripped through it. Most of the time, things aren’t put away where they’re supposed to be and are instead spread throughout the chaotic room. Using Self Storage in Mornington from Yuilles Road Self Storage is a great way to help organise you child’s bedroom, but there are plenty of other tips to help you declutter space as well.

Involve the kids

Allowing your kids to be involved in the decluttering process will make them more inclined to help you clean everything up. Anything that you want to keep for when your child or younger children are older should be moved into Self Storage in Mornington to keep it protected and out of the way until you need it again. Toys and clothes your child no longer wants or needs can be sold or donated, or even kept in Self Storage in Mornington for their younger siblings.

Toys have a home

Creating a designated home for all your children’s belongings will make cleaning up a bit more fun for them. For example, create designated shelves for all the books, boxes for all the toys, a place in the cupboard for shoes, and some hanging storage for hats. Try and keep the homes for similar toys grouped together to make cleaning up and finding toys a little easier.

The ground up

When you’re ready to start decluttering, make sure you do one area at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Tackle one corner of the room at a time, starting with the floor. Cleaning the floor first will make the rest of the decluttering a lot easier, because you’ll have more room to move around and unpack your current storage solutions.

As you find items you no longer want in the room, put them in clear piles. One of your piles should be for items moving into Self Storage in Mornington. Put these items in your car so they’re ready to go as soon as you organise your unit. This will also help you keep your piles seperate.

If you’re ready to learn more about your Self Storage in Mornington options, contact us today.

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