Moving house can be an incredibly stressful time in your life. Even when you’re moving into a nicer house, it’s easy to feel anxious about needing to pack everything, relocate, and change your comfortable routine. There are also plenty of costs associated with moving house that can put a lot of pressure on you. Even if you meticulously plan your move, you might be surprised by some of the associated expenses. Planning for things like Self Storage in Mornington from Yuilles Road Self Storage ahead of time is just one of the many ways you can avoid some of those last minute costs.

Get insurance

Insurance during your move is critical. Make sure you, your movers, and your belongings are appropriately covered to avoid having to deal with hefty medical bills in the case of an accident. You also don’t want to have to replace any of your expensive belongings or furniture if it’s broken during the move. Make sure you check out your current rental or homeowner’s insurance policy and find out what’s already covered and what you might need to get extra cover for on moving day.

Store your stuff

It’s easy to underestimate the total time moving into your new house can take. Packing up your non-essential items ahead of time can help you save costs, especially if you’re paying your removalists by the hour. You’ll also avoid the extra fees moving companies charge for doing the packing themselves.

Renting some Self Storage in Mornington is a great storage solution when you start the packing process earlier. You can gradually move your boxes into your storage unit to keep them out of the way in your home. This will make it easier for you to dismantle your larger furniture items, and it means the removalists won’t have to climb all over the extra boxes on moving day. It also creates a shorter and cheaper workday, because everything is in the one place ready to go.

Pack properly

When you start packing your boxes, make sure you pack them properly. Each box should be clearly labelled with the name of the room and the contents inside. This will help the movers immensely when they’re unloading the boxes in your new home. The more effort you put into the preparation, the faster the actual moving process can go, which will help you save money.

Learn the details

Make sure you do your research beforehand. Some movers are unable to handle any hazardous materials, like flammable items, gas canisters, or plants. Simply leaving these items behind isn’t always an option as it can incur further costs, so you might need to be prepared to take some of these items with you. Planning for these arrangements ahead of time will make the process a lot easier. Some moving companies also charge extra costs if they need to move up or down stairs, so make sure you take that into consideration.

Don’t let your budget blow out when you’ve moving into a new house. Good preparation and planning can help you understand your costs and find more areas to save money. Renting Self Storage in Mornington from Yuilles Road Self Storage is a great storage solution, so contact us today to learn more.

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