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One of the best road trips in Victoria, Australia spans almost 50 miles of road from Sorrento to Frankston. You begin your beautiful 19th century flavored Sorrento. While in the Sorrento area, don’t leave without visiting Portsea with its famous bay-side Portsea Pub.

The first official stop on your road trip will be Rosebud. From Rosebud you will take a relatively short drive south to Cape Schnanck which sits on the other side of this peninsula’s end. From Cape Schnanck you will head east to another charming 19th-century flavoured village, Flinders.


Flinders is also famous for superb surfing, gorgeous beaches, its food, antique and curio shops, and golfing.

Then driving through the beautiful farming country of Main Ridge and visit the Red Hill market which sells its organic fruit and vegetables.

The Red Hill area is also a well-known area for tourists to explore.

From here drive several miles to the north to the Frankston area. The city is famously known for being the gateway of the Mornington Peninsula which you have just traversed.

Frankston is also famous as a very fashionable and historic city, brim full of entertainment venues, gorgeous beaches, continual water events, and lots of breathtaking coastal scenery.


Its most obvious and beautiful characteristic is this waterfront.

These beaches are home to one of the largest sand sculpture exhibitions in the world.

And much of Frankston is very tastefully and impressively decorated with various kinds of artworks.

There is not just one point in the area that is way better than the others.

All of the Frankston are is very worthy of tourist exploration.

The city is so loved and pleasant an area that visiting families often move to. If you are planning to move to the area and need a place for storage, the area is home to one of  Australia’s most trusted self-storage organisation in Frankston.

And not only is it the most trusted, it leads the pack in what is the fastest growing industry in Australia.

While there are many larger branches of self storage, Yuilles Rd Storage on the Mornington Peninsula is by far the most affordable and most trusted self storage solution in the area.

They are also continually working out ways to hone their relationship with their operators and investors.

So make the Mornington Peninsula road trip to Kingston.

We know you will love it so much you will want to move here.

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