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If you’re nearing retirement and are thinking about downsizing or making lifestyle changes that will affect your belongings, then Mount Eliza Self Storage from Yuilles Road Self Storage is for you. By investing in a storage unit, you can open up more space in your home for hobbies, and keep your belongings safe.

Reducing your belongings to move

Many people decide to downsize and move to a different location after they retire. Living in a smaller space, such as a flat or an apartment, can be a difficult if you’re not sure what to do with a lifetime of acquired possessions. You might be ready to part ways with some items, but you may want to hang on to other items that hold sentimental value or that you don’t use frequently. Any items that you only use occasionally, such as Christmas decorations, or even camping gear, can be kept in Mount Eliza Self Storage.

Some people decide to donate or throw away furniture, kitchen appliances or other household items when downsizing. However, many come to regret their decision once they’re settled into their new home. If you’re umming and ahhing about whether to keep something or get rid of it, you can store it in Self Storage in Mount Eliza while you make up your mind. You can also rotate your furniture sets or household decor to give your new home a fresh new look. 

Reorganising your home to accommodate hobbies

The best part of retirement is finally having the time to pursue your much loved hobbies or to try something new. If you need more room for hobbies such a woodworking, sculpting, photography, or even just room to start a new collection,  then you can place your excess items into your Mount Eliza Storage unit. You may even want to clear out an entire room and create a dedicated hobby space, like an art studio, music room or gym.

Storing keepsakes for posterity

Many retirees also choose to store keepsakes and other sentimental items as well. You may have scrapbooks, toys, mementos, and other items that belong to your children that you may wish to keep to pass down to your grandchildren. With Self Storage Mount Eliza you can store these items for later and not worry about damage caused by mould, water, moths or drastic weather changes by leaving them in boxes at home. ome storage units have temperature control for electronics, expensive artwork, or other items that can be damaged by moisture.

If you find yourself with more spare time now, organising a project to sort and store belongings gives you something to do. You’ll feel better when you’re done, and the gratification of accomplishing an important task may inspire you to achieve other goals. With Mount Eliza Self Storage you have plenty of options. Contact Yuilles Road Self Storage to book yours today. 

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