What is Self Storage?

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What is Self Storage?

Do you live on the Mornington Peninsula and you’re looking to store your property? Yuilles Road Self Storage looks after Mount Martha Self Storage and Mount Eliza Self Storage, and we can look after you too.

Self Storage has grown to a multi-billion dollar business worldwide; from humble Australasian beginnings in Western Sydney in the late 70’s, Self Storage sites businesses are just about everywhere!

Check out this informative infographic about the booming industry in the United States:


Why use Self Storage:

There are multiple reasons people choose to use self storage rather than taking up a room or more space in their homes. Most of the time, Self Storage unit’s are much more cost effective than actually using another bedroom in your home for storage. Consider this scenario, you pay $21 a week for a large storage unit nearby your home, where you store all your seasonal items – you now have an entire other room in your home to do with as you please, even renting the bedroom out for $100 a week, making yourself a healthy profit!

Self Storage gives customers the freedom to rent a storage locker or unit on a short term basis, with flexible month to month contacts, all the way through to more affordable long term leases for individuals storing household goods.

Storers can upsize and downsize to suit their storage needs and as the terms is flexible, Storage costs can remain only for the term needed. Storage spaces can be booked online or you can phone in and speak to the friendly staff who will assist with your Storage requirements.

Self Storage is used by both individuals wanting to free up some space in their homes, all the way through to businesses keeping their document archive in storage so they won’t be using up valuable office space. Some storage facilities will offer boxes, packaging supplies and lock to their tenants to assist them when they are moving their goods, however, these box shops are also very popular for people moving house and needing moving supplies.

What Size Self Storage: 

Self Storage or Mini Storage as some call it, is personal or business Storage in various sizes. Usually, a steel partitioned box, with a secure door the average size about 10 square metres or half a garage. These spaces cost anywhere from $150 – $250 a month, depending on location.

Sizes range from lockers right up to commercial size spaces, often 3 metres wide and up to 12 metres deep.

Some have lots of headroom but typically about 2.5 metres high. Self Storage spaces are available by way of an “agreement” or licence to use the space.

What Can you Store: 

Items that are flammable or dangerous cannot be stored. Animals, plants and people are a no no!

You can store most items in your storage unit, as long as they aren’t living, dangerous or illegal. Some items that you definitely cannot store include; dangerousitems, explosives and weapons, anything radioactive, perishable goods like food, living things (like plants), toxic chemicals including medical supplies and petrol.

Typically, Storers move their own goods into their booked space and if need be removalists can undertake this task for you.

With a shortage of Self Storage in Mount Martha and Self Storage in Mount Eliza, you might want to consider Yuilles Road Self Storage in Mornington. We can help you, even if you stay in Mount Martha or Mount Eliza.

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