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Moving can be quite an ordeal. From vacating your old place and familiarising yourself with a new area to overcoming the fear of the unknown, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Could something as basic as changing the way you pack your moving boxes make your experience less stressful? Before filling up a moving truck or Mount Eliza Self Storage unit, you might want to reassess your organising strategies. Here are a few guidelines that you ought to remember.


Pack by room

Want to make your move as simple as possible? Cut down on confusion by creating different boxes for different rooms.

This simple step lets you keep things orderly while you attempt to turn your life upside down and transition to something new. It doesn’t even matter whether your new home has the same kind of layout as your previous place. Separating items that belong to different areas lets you plan your unpacking strategy more intelligently and create a functional decor scheme.


Pack for Self Storage

Moves don’t always go exactly as planned, and those that do aren’t necessarily ideal. For instance, you might have to wait for a few months before you can occupy your new apartment.


Housing your boxes in a Mount Eliza Self Storage unit is a logical solution, but this kind of plan works best when you’re careful about how you pack. Make your boxes more stable and stackable by


  • Keeping the heaviest contents at the bottom of each box,


  • Eliminating dead space by filling it with newspaper or bubble wrap before sealing things up,


  • Sticking to a maximum weight of about 15 kg per box, and


  • Protecting contents like books by placing them in plastic before putting them in boxes.


These rules are flexible, so change them until they work for you. For instance, if 15 kg is more than you feel comfortable lifting, you can make the boxes lighter. If you’re running out of packing paper, then some old towels or clothing might be good substitutes.

Regardless how you pack for a move or a Mount Eliza Self Storage unit, remember that your boxes may need to do more than simply keeping your household items orderly. They might also have to support the weight of other boxes or survive rough handling by movers. Ensure that each one is as sturdy as possible.


Label everything to make your life easier

Countless Aussies have made the mistake of packing their life into boxes only to neglect the critical final step: After thoroughly sealing any carton, you should be sure that you’ve labeled it.

Writing down the contents of each box and their intended destinations can make the transition far less mentally taxing. If you end up using a Mount Eliza Self Storage unit to house any of your possessions, you’ll also have an easier time retrieving things: Since you’ll always know what each carton contains, you’ll never need to spend time digging around.

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