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If you have children, you probably know how many toys they own, and how quickly their toy collection can grow. It doesn’t take long before it feels like your home is overrun with toys, or there are toys sitting on the shelves gathering dust because they’re never played with. If you can relate to these ideas, it’s time to invest in Mount Eliza Self Storage from Yuilles Road Self Storage. You can use your storage unit as a secure and safe location to keep toys.

Colour coding

As you start to organise your children’s toys, you should create a colour coding system. You can create a strategy that works for you, but if you’re stuck for ideas here are a few to get you started:

  • By age – Toys are designed for children at certain ages, and this system will make it easier to keep track of new toys your children might be interested in as they grow up.
  • By type – You can sort your toys by type, such as puzzles, lego, action figures, etc.
  • By child – If you’re storing toys to use as gifts for specific children, coding them by child will help you keep track of each toy.

Choose boxes carefully

To keep your toys in the best condition possible, you should store them inside boxes or plastic containers before moving them into your storage unit. Make sure you find boxes that are the right size for the contents. Don’t try to stuff too many toys into a single box or container, as doing so is more likely to damage your toys. As you start packing the boxes into your storage in Mount Eliza, make sure you put the heaviest boxes on the bottom and the smaller, lighter boxes on top.

Take inventory

As you start packing toys into boxes, create a detailed inventory list for each box. Stick the list somewhere on the outside of the box so it’s easily visible. Make sure you also keep a master list that compiles the contents list of each of the boxes.

If you’re ready to book your Mount Eliza Self Storage, contact the team at Yuilles Road Self Storage today.

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