If your business is getting ready to move from one office into another, you’re going to need a secure place to store some of your furniture and equipment during the process. Mornington Self Storage from Yuilles Road Self Storage can provide your business with the extra space and security you need during this stressful moving process.


Store things carefully

As you begin moving the items from your office into Mornington Self Storage, make sure you pack the unit carefully. Large pieces of furniture need to be stored towards the outsides of the unit. Boxes can be stacked on top of the furniture items. This will make it easier to access your belongings because there will be enough space to walk around in the unit.

Colour code your supplies

Labelling the boxes is essential for being able to unpack in an organised manner. When you’re labelling the boxes, use a colour coded system so you know at a glance which boxes to grab when you’re looking for specific items. Make sure you think about all the essential items you need to move into your new office immediately. This could include the desks and chairs, the computers and their power cords, and even the printer. Once the essentials are set up, you can start to worry about the other items. Make sure you plan this well: you’ll need the filing cabinets set up before you start to unpack the files.

Keep like items together

One of the simplest things you can do to make the moving process easier is to pack like objects together. For example, keep the stationary and paper together in one box, and keep the storage items like folders, paperclips and staplers together in another. Try and use lots of smaller boxes instead of a few larges ones. The smaller boxes are easier to transport in your personal vehicle and are easier for staff to carry.

If your business is getting ready to move into another office, make sure you contact the Yuilles Road Self Storage team to learn more about the ways Mornington Self Storage can help you.

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