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Winter can be tough. The cold weather makes for many dreary days. If you are stuck in the middle of an endless series of grey days, an international holiday is one way to shake them off. These destinations are fun and incredibly full of warmth. Make use of Mornington Peninsula Storage to stow your items as you greet the sun provides any traveller with the peace of mind they need to appreciate their trip.

Amazing Belize

This small Central American nation is full of sun all year long. People in Belize speak English, making it easy to get around and interact with locals. You can choose to sit on a beach in the Gulf of Mexico and admire the sunset or go diving in one of the world’s most desirable diving areas.


Cook Islands

Comprising fifteen islands scattered across many kilometres of the South Pacific, the Cook Islands are open for business. Only a short distance from the Australian mainland, the Cook Islands are a fast way to leave it all behind and head for waters both deep and shallow. Place your items in Mornington Peninsula Storage so they’ll stay out of the cold and tour these beautiful lands. Bring home traditional crafts like a woven mat or the much-admired patchwork quilts known as tivaevae.

Delightful Egypt

Egypt is home to a great many activities. Cairo sprawls across many parts of the land and has lots of culinary influences. Sample food from one of the many street vendors or enjoy a long meal with lots of homemade dips that’s just right to help ward off the hot weather. When you’re done, take a cruise down the Nile into the rest of the nation. Cool off and watch from a protected perch as this region unfolds at your feet.


The Florida Keys

Dangling off the coast of Florida like cat’s paws, the Florida keys make the ideal way to escape the cold and relax in one of the most beautiful parts of the American Southeast. Take your bikini and those comfortable pair of beach shoes from Mornington Peninsula Storage and drive from Miami to the end of the keys. When you get to Key West, take a tour of Hemingway house. This is where the famous author made his home. You can enjoy the many pleasures of this charming island with key lime pie and margaritas as much as he did.


florida keys

Vietnam Holiday

Vietnam has emerged as one of the most fascinating destinations in Southeast Asia. This land is where China and the cultures of this part of Asia meet to the benefit of both. From incredibly pristine beaches to rugged mountains with inviting and lush greenery, you’ll find a vast array of activities each day during your trip. The temperate climate makes it easy to get rid of those winter blahs. Vietnam is a treasure trove of varied culinary influences including French and indigenous ingredients. Have a delicious banh mi and enjoy your respite in the warm Vietnam sun.


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