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Vinyl records have surged into popularity again, with global vinyl sales reaching a 25-year high as of 2017. The superior sound quality of vinyl records allows listeners to feel more personally connected to their favourite songs. For those who love music, a large collection of vinyl records might bring you a lot of joy. As your collection grows, you might be running out of space; your vinyl records take up a lot more room than your CDs or digital music collection. If you’re running out of storage space in your home, consider moving your vinyl record collection into Mornington Peninsula Self Storage from Yuilles Road Self Storage.

Go through your collection in detail

Before you move your collection into storage, you need to make sure you go through it thoroughly. Take note of the condition of each record, creating a list of all the scratches and dents. Include noting down if there are sleeves and covers that are missing or damaged so you know to replace them. Create an inventory detailing which records are stored in which containers. Knowing this will make finding a particular record later on a whole lot easier. If there are vinyls that you rarely play or are no longer interested in, consider donating these or selling them online.

Make sure there’s a sleeve for each record

The sleeves are designed to protect your vinyl records, as even the smallest scratch or ripple on a record can make it unplayable. When you first purchase a record, it usually has three layers of protection:

  1. A paper, inner sleeve;
  2. An outer cardboard jacket; and
  3. A plastic outer sleeve.

In order to make sure your collection remains in good condition in Mornington Peninsula Self Storage, make sure your records have these three protective layers. You can purchase the outer plastic sleeves in bulk if any of your records are missing one.

Clean all your records thoroughly

If you want your records to last for a long time, you need to make sure you clean them regularly. You can purchase a record-cleaning machine, and while these are costly, they can save you a lot of time if your record collection is extensive. Alternatively, you can clean your records by hand.

Store your collection in the correct boxes

Now you’ve sorted through and cleaned your collection, it’s time to move it into Mornington Peninsula Self Storage. It’s important you don’t stack your records horizontally, as this can cause them to warp over time. Instead, store them vertically in a record storage cabinet, wooden record crate, or covered carrying case.


Secure vinyl storage in Mornington Peninsula Self Storage

No matter the extent of your vinyl record collection, Mornington Peninsula Self Storage is a smart storage option. If you want to preserve your albums or reduce clutter in your home, Self Storage is the answer. Keep your collection safe by storing it in Yuilles Road Self Storage. Contact the storage experts to find out more, or you can book online today.

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