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Follow our tips to bring more happiness into your life and home, through learned optimism and decluttering with the help of Yuilles Road Self Storage in Mount Eliza and practicing gratitude are some simple but powerful ways to be happier right now.

Expect good things will happen to you

Sometimes our negative attitudes can affect our day to day life and general mood. If you regularly expect the worst, it can feel like you are constantly having bad luck. However, if you focus on changing your attitude and turning experiences and situations into positive ones you are more likely to feel happy and fulfilled in your daily life.

Some people may appear to be very optimistic, but with practice you can also achieve this level of optimism and resilience. Being optimistic doesn’t mean that you should ignore your problems or be unrealistic, rather acknowledging the positives and negatives of a situation and consciously choosing to see the positives. Try it and notice how much better you feel!

Create a relaxing space

Having a home that’s relaxing and organised gives you the opportunity to recharge your batteries before tackling any of life’s challenges. Having a space that is cluttered and disorganised makes it difficult to switch off, get rid of the clutter in your home with a storage centre like Yuilles Road Self Storage in Mount Eliza.

Although it may seem overwhelming, work with one room at a time and sort your belongings into categories:

  • Things that can be thrown out
  • Things that can be given away
  • Things that you want to keep but don’t need any time soon
  • Things you use regularly or at least once a fortnight

Any items that you don’t think you will need in the coming months can go into Yuilles Road Self Storage, where you can access next time you need them.

The more space you can clear the more organised and relaxing your home will feel and in turn, you will feel. A house that is decluttered provides a tranquil environment for both you and your guests and you will feel more capable of organising other aspects of your life.

Practice gratitude

Science has demonstrated that those who practice gratitude in their daily lives feel happier and more fulfilled. Set aside some time each day to list three or four things that you are grateful for. This activity can be done in your head, but it is even more successful if you write them down or say them aloud to yourself.

The things you are grateful for don’t need to be massive to be on your list. Simply paying attention to the small things in your life that make you happy is a fantastic way to feel happier. Things like a sunny day or hearing you favorite song on the radio can evoke feelings of happiness and gratitude. Pay attention to these small things in your daily life and turn happiness into habit.

If you’re ready to organise your home and feel the joy, contact Yuilles Road Self Storage today to learn about the fantastic storage options out there.


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