The difference between the seasons can be drastic in Australia. Because of this, each season requires a vastly different wardrobe, and this can make our closets become full and unorganised very quickly. Mornington Self Storage from Yuilles Road Self Storage is an excellent storage solution. Access to a storage unit can help you organise and clean out your clothes to make your wardrobe more manageable. Keep these tips in mind when you start to declutter your closest.

Take an inventory

Start off by taking an inventory of all the clothing items you own. This can be a very time-consuming task; however, it can make the overall process a little easier to complete. Next to each item on your master inventory list, keep track of how frequently you wear it and whether or not you even want to keep it.

Get rid of infrequently worn items

The first step to decluttering your wardrobe is to get rid of all the items you don’t wear very often, as well as the items that are now too big or too small for you. These items can be sold or donated to charity. If there are items that are irreparable, throw them away. You might find yourself surprised at how much more space you already have after one step.

Move out of season clothes into Mornington Self Storage

Some of our seasonal clothing can take up the majority of our closet space. For example, your warm winter coats and boots can’t be worn during the summer time, so there’s no point having them accessible in your house. You might consider moving these items into your basement or attic; however, there are several potential issues with this. Your clothes can become dirty, damaged, or infested with insects and rodents. Move your out-of-season clothing items into your Mornington Self Storage unit instead. Your storage unit will be a safe, clean, and dry place to store your clothes.

Properly organise remaining items

Now you’ve cleaned out the items you no longer want, as well as the out-of-season items, it should be a whole lot easier to organise your closet. If you’re hanging your clothes, hang similar items together. If you’re keeping your clothes in some sort of storage furniture, make sure you take the time to fold them properly. This will make finding the clothes you need a lot easier.

An organised wardrobe can help you to get ready with less hassle in the mornings. Mornington Self Storage can provide you with a safe place to store out-of-season clothing and accessories until they’re needed again. Contact the team of experts at Yuilles Road Self Storage to learn more today.

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