5 Essential Steps Before Renovating Your Homes Façade

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Rescuing a period gem, breathing a new life into an old house, increasing the curb appeal, or simply renovating a home’s façade can be very rewarding. You want to renovate the façade of your home because you want your house to look more appealing and you want to feel more comfortable. Consider home façade renovation as your business plan or a project that you start from scratch.

But, it is important that you have prepared for the renovation beforehand. Doing this will help make the entire process run smoothly and aid you to budget more accurately. Although not all home façade, it is helpful to follow a certain system to avoid unnecessary work. Here is a rundown of the things that you need to do before renovating your home façade.


Make A Plan

The best part and also the most tedious part is creating and developing a plan. This includes determining the design that you want to see and knowing the specifics. When making a plan, it is important that you think of the changes that will actually work with the original building.

Would you like to have extensions to perfectly blend with your property and increase its curb appeal? Do you just want to restore its original look? Or do you want to dramatically remodel your home’s exterior? What do you want to accomplish with this project?

When making a plan, it is best to consult an architect or an engineer so they could see all the possibilities you may have failed to consider. Make a schedule of works and be clear about it. List all the steps that you want to make in renovating your home’s façade.

Do you have valuables that need to be stored away while doing the renovation? If so, you could use a Moorooduc storage service facility for this. Additionally, prioritize tasks that will prevent further decay or that will stabilize the structure that you want to renovate.


Set Your Budget

After making the plan for your project, the next step is to set your budget. It is crucial that you cost out the entire renovation project to see if what you want if financially possible. Make sure to properly assess the property to determine the extent of works that need to be done.

This way, you could come up with a detailed and precise financial schedule in place. There are some mortgage firms that assist homeowners in funding the renovation and provide loans with staggered payment terms. If you are going to do this with a financial institution, know the specifics. In other cases, you have to be practical and realistic on the amount of work that you can afford to do.


Know The Renovation Restrictions

Different areas have varying renovation restrictions. In Melbourne for instance, the Melbourne Planning Scheme is in-charge in determining whether a planning permit for a renovation project is necessary. The law states that planning permits are required for additions to habitable properties and if the project includes a demolition job.

The CBD or Central City Zone requires a different set of planning permit for houses or residential properties within the municipality. Most of the areas outside the CBD are within the scope of heritage overlay. This means that planning permit is a must for all demolition, works, and buildings.

This also includes fence construction and painting. Should you need a place to store important things during the renovation and has no or limited storage, you can have it kept at Moorooduc storage service facility.


Check Your Insurance or Get One

This is often the most neglected or always forgotten aspect when renovating. Most homeowners forget to insure their properties or contents. Also, many are not aware that some insurance policies do not cover home contents or even extensive building activities. There are some alterations that could void your insurance.

In addition, standard insurance only covers a residential area that is inhabited, so if you want to move out of the property while the work is in progress, you should inform your insurance company. If your insurance policy does not cover the contents of your home, you can keep your valuables at Moorooduc storage service facility.


Decide If You Want A DIY or Hire A Contractor

If your home façade renovation entails simple tasks and you are skilled enough to do it, you should go for DIY. However, even if you are capable of some tasks, be realistic and gauge yourself if you are really capable of other works. Your free time should also be included as part of the consideration. If you have limited free time, you might prolong the entire renovation project which could have unnecessary consequences like material deterioration and corrosion.


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